Multimedia Presentation Webcast

Harness the POWER of Multimedia Presentation Webcast

Have you been searching for a solution to pack your training materials or important meetings?
Fig Tree could have just what you need…

Our Content Packaging is a powerful and dynamic way of putting your materials together – be it your slides, notes, audio or video. Imagine the impact of your slides seamlessly synchronized with the video? Your viewers no longer have to toggle between different windows to watch the video and read your slides at the same time. Other than allowing your viewers to access this multimedia content via internet or intranet, it can also be delivered to them in CD/DVD format.


One Example of How The Webcast Can Be of Great Help

In this technology age whereby many of your shareholders are likely to be smartphone and tablet users, wouldn't it be a delight to allow them to watch the AGM reporting through their mobile and computing devices at wherever they are and whenever they want? Fig Tree Multimedia is here to partner with you to provide this Webcast Service to your shareholders. This premium service will definitely bring your AGM reporting to a brand new level – one that is beyond the boundaries of time and space!


Take a Look at The Powerful Multimedia Interface!

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